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Welcome to my website! I store resources, notes, and editorials here for future reference, as well keep track of some projects I've done.


  • My primary interests are in the research and development of intelligent robots
  • In my freetime, I play table tennis. Most non-covid years I travel to US Nationals and Open to play. You can find my profile here.
  • I've created several websites and apps - like this one - using Next.js, React, TailwindCSS, and various other modern frameworks. Aside from the web, I compete in various competitions using C++ and have created web automation tools using both Python and TypeScript.
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    Singular Value Decomposition

    Singular Value Decomposition

    Singular Value Decomposition worked two-ways

    A Primer on Bitmask DP

    A Primer on Bitmask DP

    Quick introduction of bitmask programming


    This blog. Built with Next.js, styled with Tailwind, and deployed on Vercel.



    A LaTeX + Markdown sharing app tool.


    Competitive Programming

    C++, macros, and a lot of bad practices (repo currently private).


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