Neo Wang - WHS '22

Welcome to my website. I store resources, notes, and editorials here for reference.

Things that I like

  • Computers: Data Structures, Algorithms, Linux
  • Software development: web, mobile, backend, frontend, etc.
  • Design and quality: Mechanical Keyboards, Hi-Fi Audio, playing cards
  • Writing: Taking notes with LaTeX, Blogging
  • Editing: Vim, VSCode
  • Knowledge

  • General Programming Languages: Python, JavaScript/Typescript, Java, C++
  • JavaScript Frameworks: React, Next.js, Node.js, Express.js
  • Web Automation: Selenium, Tampermonkey
  • CI/CD: Vercel, Github, Github Actions
  • Featured Blog Posts

    Singular Value Decomposition

    Singular Value Decomposition

    Singular Value Decomposition worked two-ways

    A Primer on Bitmask DP

    A Primer on Bitmask DP

    Quick introduction of bitmask programming


    This blog. Built with Next.js, styled with Tailwind, and deployed on Vercel.



    A LaTeX + Markdown sharing app tool.


    Competitive Programming

    C++, macros, and a lot of bad practices (repo currently private).


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