Neo Wang

Hi! I'm a Turing Scholar at UT Austin studying Computer Science and Mathematics. My academic interests are in deep learning and robotics. Outside of the classroom, I play table tennis for the UT team. I also write problems for UT Programming Contest. I have also previously interned at Roblox.


  • Fall 2023: Honors Operating Systems (CS439H), Computer Vision (CS376), Programming for Performance (CS377P)
  • Spring 2023: Honors Computer Architecture (CS429H), Natural Language Processing (CS378), Stochastic Processes (M362M), Linear Algebra (M340L)
  • Fall 2022: Honors Data Structures (CS314H), Honors Discrete Math (CS311H), Honors Vector Calculus (M427LH), Probability (M362K)

Featured Blog Posts

AtCoder DP Editorial

AtCoder DP Editorial

An editorial for all the problems contained in the AtCoder DP Contest

A Primer on Bitmask DP

A Primer on Bitmask DP

Quick introduction of bitmask programming


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Competitive Programming

C++, macros, and a lot of bad practices (repo currently private).

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