Hi! I'm a Turing Scholar at UT Austin studying Computer Science and Mathematics.

I'm deeply passionate about efficiency, and I hope to allow computers to run new things faster and with more reliability. I am interested in machine learning, statistics, and robotics.

I've previously interned at Roblox, working on Search and Discovery. This summer, I will be joining DRW as a software engineering intern.

Outside of the classroom, I play competitive table tennis. I also write problems for the UT Programming Contest. I also work on financial modelinng and development at Texas UCF. Some of my other interests are Chess, Poker, and cooking food (of variable quality).

  • USACO Guide — leading competitive programming resource: 70K+ registered users, 17M+ pageviews, 1500+ Github stars.
  • FTX Markets — event-contract exchange and interface for betting on a fish's swimming patterns.

Blog Posts

AtCoder DP Editorial

An editorial for all the problems contained in the AtCoder DP Contest

A Primer on Bitmask DP

Quick introduction of bitmask programming

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